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Lubricant Fix

 Lubricant Fix is an exceptionally adhesive, water resistant, special paste with a wide range of applications. It provides outstanding protection from wear, corrosion and oxidation, prevents creaking and squeaking. Extremely adhesive, reduces friction, is hot and seawater resistant, prevents creaking and squeaking. Designation acc DIN 51502 K1 G-30. Service temperature: - 30 °C to + 100 °C.

Start Fix

 Assists reliable starting in cold or damp conditions, when the spark plugs are wet and battery charge is low. Start Fix consists of a combination of particularly highly flammable substances and is ideal for all gasoline and diesel engines. Helps internal combustion engines to fire, even at very low temperatures. Preserves the battery and is economic to use.

Power Steering Oil Leak Stop

 The additives contained provide optimum care for rubber and plastic seals in the steering gear. Prevents oil loss, stops oil loss in steering gears that drip and regenerates hardened seals. Holes and ducts of the steering gear are cleaned and the performance of the oil is thus revitalized. The noise levels are reduced, the service life is extended and the repair costs are lowered.

Outboard Gear Oil

 High-performance transmission oil for mechanically shifted transmissions. Wear and noise reduction. High-pressure absorbing capacity even when changing from idle to full power. Excellent corrosion protection and ageing resistant. Good viscosity temperature behavior. Compatible with all sealing materials. Corresponds to performance class API GL 5 and viscosity SAE 80W-90.

Motorbike Chain Lube

 Fully synthetic chain grease. Extremely adhesive and water resistant. Excellent creeping and lubrication behavior. Especially suitable for high-speed chains. Reduces chain elongation and provides long chain service life. Biodegradability (Test CEC L-33T-82 in 21 days > 80 %).  Optimal effectiveness only with unmixed use. We recommend cleaning the chain with Motorbike Chain Cleaner (part no. 1602) before use.

Cockpit Bright

 Renews dull and weathered plastic. The plastic parts regain their original appearance and do not dry out. Prevents bothersome creaking and squeaking noises. Cares without greasing, is antistatic and dust-repellent. Good lubrication action on rubber and plastic parts, impregnates and insulates, general use. Contains silicon.

Anti-Mist Spray

 Especially developed cleaning fluid for gently removing dirt from automotive glass and other panes and to prevent the panes from misting up. Anti-Mist Spray removes dirt, insect remnants, oil and silicon traces, providing a clear view and safety.

Window Cleaner Foam

 Highly effective foam cleaner. Ensures glare-free care windows, which increases safety. Loosens and removes silicones, nicotine, insects, oil and greasy soiling. Suitable for polycarbonate-based plastics. Neutral to rubber, paints and plastics.

Motorbike Multi-Spray

 Lubricates, loosens rust, protects and maintains the motorcycle. Keeps movable parts like Bowden cables permanently free. Loosens stubborn, rusted-in screws. Protects the entire electrical system. Prevents squeaking noises. Protects against corrosion and maintains rubber parts. With outstanding creep properties.

Copper Spray

 Copper Spray is used for the highest temperatures in threaded connections and contact surfaces that are exposed to high pressures and corrosive influences such as compressor and turbine screws, exhaust bolts, sparkplug threads. Application range – 30 °C to + 1100 °C.